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  1. Do you know the name of the man found in the tower? I believe he went to Center High School and I have a debate going on as to which of two men we think it was.

  2. Good morning!
    When I was growing up in Kansas City, my parents would tell me stories about boys – or maybe it was just one boy – who had climbed to the top of the tower and accidentally fallen in, to their deaths. Can anyone verify this and give me the name(s) of the victim(s) and the date(s) of death? I’ve always wanted to know if these stories were true or just “made up” by my parents to scare me into good behavior! Thanks to anyone who can help me here! Tom

    • Pretty much everything you can see is original — there is a new ladder on the inside of the tower added for maintenance purposes but the rest (except for the new coat of paint and the lights) is from 1920.

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